Who we are?

4icom, founded in 2000, is an independent consulting and service firm for which the main field ofactivities is innovations.

Specialized in defining and structuring specific processes as well as development and operation ofinnovative projects, our pragmatic approach has led us to develop new concepts to generate newsolutions. Our goal is not only to follow predefined "best practices" but also to create new problemsolving strategies.

Our expertise on strategic issues of European companies allows us to work on projects at thenational level such as the Ecotaxe for heavy vehicles in France, or development of electric mobilityprojects such as Modulowatt or those with the City of Berlin.

Our particular sensitivity to economic globalization processes allows us to successfully deal withmultinational business issues and provide expert advice to our large projects in Europe, Asia or SouthAmerica concerning the privatization of airports in Brazil, or corporate car sharing.

Our areas of expertise include the different spheres of mobility:

  • Mobility: mobile phones, content and technology, automotive telematics, mobile banking andmobile payments
  • Urban Mobility: electric vehicles and its infrastructure, multimodal transport, zero emissiondelivery, urban tolls
  • Extra Urban Mobility: tolls with satellite or DSRC, interoperability of European transport, transportinfrastructure of the ports and airports.

4icom has fifteen employees with impressive qualifications and career backgrounds. Our team isgathered around common values including sharing, exchange and desire to move forward togetherto promote the transfer of knowledge and successful projects to which it contributes. Dynamism,intelligence, professionalism and determination are the qualities that are at service of your projects.

4icom can also rely on many partners in Europe, the USA, South America and Asean. In addition,industry experts can enhance the competence and ability of our team.

Project Management is, today, the core of 4icom's activities. Our intervention is long-term in scope, remaining proactive and flexible, while always following the guidelines of favoring project dynamics and stakeholders.

Our expertise supports the success of major mobility projects such as Road User Charging or infrastructures in their successive stages: tender, construction (definition, creation and integration) and structuring operation and maintenance.
Major European players trust 4icom in their international development.

In Europe and, in particular, in France, Germany and Bulgaria, 4icom ensures the development activities of several companies.

In Asia via 7icom and in North and South America through its partners, 4icom brings the local expertise in response to your expansion issues.

Beyond the economic issue, 4icom efficiency is based on its Franco-German axis, deep knowledge of specific markets of mobility and its networks of influence formed over the projects.

Strategic analysis, economic intelligence and technology monitoring are in the heart of the skills proposed by 4icom. Having worked in these spheres since creation of 4icom, we have become proficient in methodologies implemented in project management and response to tenders.

4icom offers specialized expertise in the development of innovative business models for mobility issues: funding for charging terminals for electric vehicles, mobile payments in Africa, corporate car sharing, e-health and m-health.

Technology monitoring is essential in the moment of launching innovative projects; that’s why 4icom is active in the international working groups at the core of its expertise (mobility, electronic automotive, road user charging, intelligent transport, electric vehicles), and taking into account ISO and its European and national components to anticipate future development.
Throughout its development and realized projects, 4icom has continually invested in the accumulation of knowledge and experience feedback.

The aim is twofold: first, to benefit from a pragmatic approach and to improve the effectiveness of project management and secondly, allow to the employees of 4icom to optimize their skills under the aegis of its "innovative" culture and project management.

On the basis of the most innovative methods in terms of project management, presentation of results, emeritus level synthesis, 4icom has developed its own references to methodologies and validated tools proven with realized projects which demonstrated exceptional adaptability.